The original “Flow” from the UK. Check the band register for reassurance of the history books. Though there have been many artists taking up the guise of the name. The true identity of Flow is Chas Burns and the true musical identity of Flow is Deep House.

Prolific in musicality in everything that is deep and technical, Chas has been producing truck loads of rare House music since ’96. Originally creativity took place with engineer Simon Vinyl Junkie and later collaborated with Andrew Macari (Filter Flow) touring the USA with pieces of round plastic.

From 2000 Chas took the helm with all sides of production and now as well as producing under Flow he also co-runs Low Pressings (with Hernan Cerbello), Beat Code (with Joe Dymond), Boxa Records, More Devotion (with Ben Racz).

Flow discography:- http://www.discogs.com/artist/3099-Flow