Chas Burns

Last Road

Director / Writer / Actor / Music Producer / Trainer

Born in Nottinghamshire, Chas grew up in the pit village of Ollerton in Sherwood Forest. His training in acting started at 8 years old at the New Era Academy of Speech and Drama, then later training with Geoff Loy at the Northern Academy of Dramatic Art, then gaining LAMDA and RADA training in later years.

Known for many stage productions acting and directing, he moved into screen in recent years, having already combined the two. It was a natural progression to move into film and TV..

Chas also produces music and co runs 4 record labels from his home in Stroud, United Kingdom.
With experience in all levels of film, stage, direction and sound production he has a multitude of talents and guides others at his Gloucestershire Drama Academy in the Cotswolds.
He proves he achieves without any of his skills being watered down.

Conditions: “Mistaken Identity”

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